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British Horological Institute

Time & Date (Gives time anywhere in world plus calendars for any year). (an overview montage of the Astro clock 2022.)  (world famous clocks)    (Electric clocks magazine)

Australian Antiquarian Horological Society (Melbourne)

Jaquet Droz' Bird Automaton  (the Writer Automaton)   (German logos) (Time, Clocks & Gears)  (Old Brisbane snaps - the GPO featured)  (clock dial template generator) (Newcastle's Time Ball)

file:///C:/Users/qawcc/Downloads/AustralianClocksAndBellsSummary_2020_12%20(1).pdf (all you want to know about Sundials)

Links to some Informative & Interesting Horological Sites for Clocks & Watches and Local Suppliers.

Astro Clock

Kienzle Clock bus 1930's.

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