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Watch this page for up-dates and a summary of our monthly Club activities.

Next Meeting - June 22 - Members Participation Day - for this G.M. we encourage all members to submit a snap or two of a clock or watch that has a 'wow' factor that they have seen on their travels in Australia or the world or even one that you own. Possible ideas would be clocks or watches that were interesting, quirky, intricate, amazing, complicated, beautiful, etc. So have a look through your picture files to make this one of the most interesting meets of the year. A reminder will be sent out soon with the email we would like you to send these pictures to so that the meeting will run smoothly.

Check out the new postings on NSW public clocks on Snapshots, also some great clocks to discover in the new posting - Tasmania (also on Snapshots).

May Meet - Diagnostic Testing of clocks and watches - this topic was well received with talks by several members on the use of mechanical watch time graphers, a 4 in 1 quartz watch tester and a clock beat timer. Setting a clock into beat was also demonstrated. The skills class was busy reassembling their Enfield clocks. An interesting Show and Tell with two pocket watches (an Illinois & a Charles Shaw), two fret-wood clocks, vintage watch testers & a talk on a Waltham pocket watch from the Titanic that sold for $1.5mill. We also welcomed 3 new members.


April Meet - the topic Russian clocks & watches was well received. Show & Tell had several members displaying their Russian timepieces (see below) with a rare Khpoba chronometer on display. A brief history of how this industry developed in the USSR & an analysis of Molnija watches was given. How to work the clubs new defibrillator was explained & a reminder that members are encouraged to fill out the Medical Form (see 'In-house') in case of an emergency. The skills class was kept busy assembling their newly cleaned Enfields.



KGB Vostok Amphibian.jpg

KGB Vostok Amphibian

Komandirskie CCCP military Amphibia.jpg

Vostok Komandirskie


Luch & a Slava


Russian alarm clocks

Glashutte Gub Spezimatic.jpg

Glashutte Spezimatic


Khpoba Chronometer

March Meet - a well supported meeting with over 40 attendees. The varying ways one can restore  wooden clock cases was demonstrated. The choice of techniques was clearly shown on the finish of each case. Show & Tell covered clock towers in NSW & at Kaikoura NZ. a pocket oiler, Chelsea clock & a staking set. The skills group worked on taking their Enfield clocks apart. 


February Meet the AGM had a good turnout with Allan returning to the role as President. Pleasing news, it looks like we will be having an auction this year & we need all members to search for clocks & watches they could release for this auction - email to Paul - note the date change to July 13/14 & the next meet to March 9. The skills programme was on spring letdown & had a great turnout of supporters keen to watch!

January Meet - 2024 started with a new initiative - a 'skill enhancement' course. There were 11 signed up for this & the course will run over the next 10 months from 10 to 11am. Each person has a small Enfield movement with which they will work on. The Workshop that followed concentrated on displaying the now completed work done on an Ansonia clock movement. Show & Tell had some interesting material with a lathe holder, plate reaming tool, using Aqadeck on clock cases & a fusee GF clock movement.

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